Guest Starring: 
 Seth Green: 
 James Masters: 
 Robin Sachs: 
 (Ethan Rayne) 
 Juliet Landau: 
 Armin Shimerman: 
 (Principal Snyder) 
 Larry Bagby: 
  6. Halloween.  
  The people of Sunnydale begin to turn into their costumes on Halloween night.  
  Great quotes:  
  • Buffy on her inner monologue: "What do I think about; ambush tactics, beheading."
  • Larry on his chances with Buffy: "Do you think she'd go out with me?", Xander: "Well that's a tough... No!"
  • Oz and literal interpretations: "Geez Cordelia it's like you're a great big cat!"
  • Willow: "Your name is Cordelia, your not a cat, you're in high school and we're your friends; sort of."
  Fantastic moments:  
Is that Willow?
  • Willow coming through the wall and scaring Giles is predictable but still utter genius. Tony Head plays his shock to a tee.
  • I think this is the first time that Drusilla gets to be properly spaced-out. How we laughed!
  • Oz now bumps into Willow "Who is that girl?". This is the sort of storytelling (over many episodes where the audience is expected to keep up) that won BtVS so many plaudits.
  • Giles finally looks like he's got a dark side shining through, about time! Giles's character needed a little spicing up.
  • Buffy fainting at the sight of kid demons: funny.
  Duff Bits:  
  • Why is Angel laughing at Cordelia's jokes? Angel doesn't laugh.
  • Buffy as the 18th centaury girl is miles over-the-top. We don't need her to go on and on about how "I don't understand things" or "I'm just here to look pretty". We get it, she's meek!
  Dean's comments:  
Robin Sachs is great as Ethane Rayne.
Very entertaining tale which comes straight out of the top drawer of 'top sci-fi', gives a lot of laughs, brings more out of Spike and hints that Oz is to become a regular. Buffy's besting of Spike is the latest in a long line of defeats that will eventually lead them to fall for each other, funny thing love is (Buffy's "Hi honey; I'm home" line should have been left on the cutting room floor though). Xander's period as 'army-guy' will be used and used again later on, one wonders if this was a deliberate ploy or if they simply thought of it as a good excuse to get a rocket launcher into the plot of 'Innocence'. The obvious theme behind this episode is 'Be careful what you wish for'. I think there's something more subtle going on to do with the pressures of being young and the pressures to conform to the norm. Buffy talks about Halloween being the "one night" when the girls get to be who they want to be, and look what happens to Willow. She throws of the shackles of her ghost costume and braves the world as a new person, there's character development for you.
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