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Important Note: These reviews contain spoilers and are written in retrospect of the entire series.

04/06/2006: Season 7 reviews finally posted. I doubt this site will recieve much more attention now that I have so many other things to do. It has been a pleasure watching and reviewing Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I hope that you enjoy what I have written.

15/06/2005: Season 6 reviews posted.

13/04/2005: Season 5 reviews posted.

14/03/2005: Season 5 reviews under construction.

10/01/2005: Season 4 reviews posted.

18/12/2004: Currently watching season 4 DVDs and writing reviews.

22/11/2004: Season 1 reviews posted.

8/11/2004: Copyrights and disclaimers finalised. Season 1 reviews being written up.

3/11/2004: Images for season 2 and 3 complete, season 1 reviews in progress. Front page images under construction.

5/10/2004: Season 3 reviews added, work on images in progress.

15/9/2004: This page now works sort of OK in netscape, although the lay-out of the tables is a little off. This front page is going to recieve a proper 'spiffing-up' any time soon but I wanted to get it on-line as soon as possible. Essentially the page is very much 'work-in-progress' at this time.

1/9/2004: Season 2 reviews posted, season 3 in progress. Feedback from anyone at all who bothers to read what I think is more than welcome.

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