Guest Starring: 
 Seth Green: 
 James Masters: 
 Juliet Landau: 
 Kelly Connell: 
 (Norman Pfister, worm guy) 
 Bianca Lawson: 
 Saverio Guerra: 
 (Willie the Snitch) 
 Danny Strong: 
 (Hostage Kid, i.e. Jonathan) 
  10. What's My Line? Part 2.  
  Buffy and Kendra battle to save Angel while simultaneously fighting off the Order of Taraca.  
  Great quotes:  
  • Giles: "I'm flummoxed." Buffy: "What's the flum?"
  • Willy the snitch: "I swear on my Mother's grave, should something happen to her god-forbid."
  • Xander: "You're a slayer, I like that in a girl", and on Angel, "Man that guy got major neck in his day."
  • Xander to Cordelia: "Disassembled, that means when he's broken in to his little buggy parts", Cordelia: "I know that; dorkhead!", Xander: "'Dorkhead', you slay me with your words."
  Fantastic moments:  
Here comes the kiss...
  • Cordelia and Xander in the basement. Every single line is fried gold, first when Cordelia challenges Xander to come up with a plan to escape, Xander: "This is Buffy's house, odds are she'll find us.", then the argument about Cordelia letting the worm-guy in the house, then finally the volley of abuse leading up to the kiss "coward; moron; I hate you!; I hate you!", cue romantic music. Brilliant.
  • The first real conversation between Willow and Oz is properly quirky and typically 'Oz', "E flat diminished ninth, it's a man's chord, you could lose a finger."
  • The final big battle is great, although when Buffy and Kendra to their 'back-roll' it got to be for looks only.
  Duff Bits:  
  • How exactly does the worm-guy kill people?
  • The make-up department overdid Sarah Michelle Gellar's eyeliner for sure.
  Dean's comments:  
Two slayers?
Quality second parter that has tonnes of funny dialogue, fast-paced action and drama. These are the elements that combine to make the series so good, its ability to trust the viewers to know what's a joke and what's serious. Cordelia and Xander kissing is a work of genius, the set up for it over the last half season (and more) has been worth the wait. Kendra doesn't understand what Buffy means by "Wiggy", some of us are right there with you girl. After all the complaining that Buffy managed to get through in the first part she finally realises that her life isn't that bad after all, she's got a better life than Kendra's anyway. Isn't it great to see Drusilla striding away from the ashes of the church at the end, after being the spaced out weirdo she's going to be the real baddie.
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