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 Larry Bagby: 
 Jack Conley: 
  15. Phases.  
  A Werewolf is on the loose in Sunnydale.  
  Great quotes:  
Oz is a werewolf!
  • Willow: "Hi!", Oz: "Oh that's what I was gonna say."
  • Willow on Xander: "What's his number? Oh yeah, 1-800-I'm dating a skanky 'ho'!"
  • Willow on Oz's metamorphosis "He said he was going through all these changes and then he went through all these cases."
  Fantastic moments:  
  • There are several great references to the first season, one to 'The Witch' and another the 'The Pack'.
  • Giles' continued excitement at investigating a werewolf "It's one of the classics" is great.
  • Xander's one-liners in the episode are some of the best he's ever given.
  • Larry coming out to Xander is hilarious.
  Duff Bits:  
  • The tender moment between Xander and Buffy where Xander comments that, "My life isn't too complicated..." is never followed up on.
  • How far is the school from the woods in Sunnydale anyway? Sunnydale must be a really small place if it's on the coast too.
  Dean's comments:  
Larry 'comes out' to Xander.
This is a fantastic episode with all the usual great characterisation that we've come to expect from this groundbreaking series. It's yet another anti-macho storyline what with the werewolf, the hunter, Larry and Angel all giving off the testosterone; does Joss Whedon have something against men? Maybe not, Giles is a moral bedrock as usual and thankfully there is reconciliation between the sexes at the end of the episode. For once the exposition in the library isn't boring and provides plenty of comic moments. The use of incidental characters like Larry is key in this, Xander's interrogation of him and subsequent denials of knowledge to the Scoobies are classic comedy moments. The revelation that there is something special about Oz isn't too much of a surprise when you think about it, and it helps to widen the series ever-increasing character base..
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