Guest Starring: 
 Kristine Sutherland: 
 (Joyce Summers) 
 Julia Lee: 
 Carlos Jacott: 
 Chad Todhunter: 
 Larry Brgby III: 
  1. Anne.  
The Buffy-waitress.
Buffy, alone and working as a waitress in LA, tries to find a purpose in life after Angel's death. In Sunnydale the Scoobies are trying to carry on as normal while Joyce comes to terms with Buffy's earlier revelation that she is the Slayer.
  Great quotes:  
  • Xander on meeting Cordelia: "I don't wanna come on too geeky but I'm psyched!"
  • Larry: "If we can focus, keep discipline and not have quite as many mysterious deaths, Sunnydale is gonna rule!"
  • Buffy: "I don't even know what a tea-cosy is but I want one."
  • Buffy: "I woke up and I looked in the mirror and I thought: 'Hey! What's with all the sin? ... I'm bad with the sex and the envy and that loud music us kids listen to these days' ... I suck at undercover."
  Fantastic moments:  
  • The opening scene is wonderful, from Willow's "Come and get it big boy..." to Oz's lame stake-throwing and explaining why the phrase "This time its personal..." is a classic.
  • The 'West Wing' style back-at-school scene in which we follow one camera around for over 3 minutes is great, always good to see actors getting into their characters and having to follow cues in a TV series.
  • Buffy asks demon-Ken if he wants to see her impression of Ghandi, after smashing him in the face with a hammer she explains: "Well you know; he was really pissed-off."
  • The theme tune is different, and much much better.
  Duff Bits:  
Willow's hat is awful
  • Willow's purple hat is appalling.
  • Buffy's hair is strangely immaculate despite her poverty.
  • When the Scoobies stake a Vamp right at the end, there should be a stake between Xander and Cordelia when she falls on him. Handily the stake isn't there and she avoids a nasty injury.
  • There are lots of kids in the hell-dimension; Buffy makes no attempt what-so-ever to rescue more than the few who were with her and Lilly.
  Dean's comments:  
Buffy does her 'Ghandi' impression.
A very slow episode that takes a very long time to get to what everyone wants to see, Buffy finding her purpose in life by kicking some arse "I'm Buffy; the vampire slayer. And you are?". At the end of season 2, 'Becoming' looked at Buffy's dilemmas in life with perfection, but this feels like a less-well-constructed after-thought to that episode what with Lilly being the lamer version of Buffy (in terms of running away) and Buffy having to be a rock for her while she re-discovers her own purpose. The episode could have been done better, there isn't anything dreadfully wrong with it (in fact it feels like one of 'Star Trek's' better character based episodes), but there isn't as much of the usual finesse in the story-telling as we've become accustomed to on 'Buffy'. Having said all this; Buffy's 5 minutes long battle with the demons and subsequent tearing up of the hell dimension is awesome. The direction in that scene as she literally off-loads her repressed anger and pain on to all-comers on a ready-made stage with anything and everything that comes to hand is top class.
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