Guest Starring: 
 Eliza Dushku: 
 Serena Scott Thomas: 
 (Gwengolyn Post) 
  7. Revelations.  
  Faith acquires a new watcher, Mrs Gwendolyn Post. Buffy and Angel's relationship is tested once more as Giles finds out about Angel's return.  
  Great quotes:  
Mrs Post.
  • Buffy on Ms Post: "Interesting lady; can we kill her?".
  • Faith: "No offence lady, I have this problem with authority figures. They end up kinda dead."
  • Faith describes her former 'loser' boyfriends: "Ronnie; deadbeat. Steve; klepto; Kenny... drummer!" I love gags that have a go at drummers.
  • Willow calls Giles "The emotional marathon man.".
  • Xander : "Boy do I don't know."
  • Ms Post: "Faith, a word of advice... you're an idiot!"
  Fantastic moments:  
Faith in action.
  • The intervention scene following Xander's revelation concerning Angel's return to Sunnydale has some great moments where Willow reminds everyone to use "...'I' statements only..." and then flusters "Giles! No one's doing the 'I' statements!".
  • The fight scenes in this episode are wonderful, I especially enjoyed the brief Angel v Faith scene where she pulls a great martial arts combo involving a double punch and reverse face-kick. The Buffy v Faith scene is in a similar league, and I've finally worked out why all slayers are girls; 'cos the long hair means that the stunt doubles are less obvious allowing for much better hand to hand combat.
  • The lightening SFX from the glove are well cool.
  Duff Bits:  
  • Giles didn't think to check Gwendolyn Post's credentials earlier?
  • The whole 'glove of Myhnegon' is just about the daftest plot contrivance ever. Why is it in a crypt in Sunnydale? Why has no one ever heard of it before? Etc...
  Dean's comments:  
Buffy and Angel go all Eastern.
Entertaining; but decidedly average for my liking. Gwendolyn Post is a good character only in the sense that she allows Giles to come out of his shell and show that he is on Buffy's wavelength despite age and cultural differences; apart from that her accent is terrible and she really does seem to be modelled on Mary Poppins (as Faith points out). The same thing will occur when Wesley enters the cast line up later in the season. Giles' reaction to Buffy after he finds out about her concealment of Angel is brilliant too, he really is the perfect father figure, defending you to the hilt in front of others but pulling you up one on one. There's a rather obvious subtext involving Willow going on about hidden secrets, while at the same time a rather more subtle subtext plays out concerning the differences between Faith and Buffy. Both slayers are under pressure; while Buffy gets an intervention from her friends over Angel, Faith is getting lectures about being a 'Spartan' and using her power to make herself better. The future directions of the two slayers is becoming quite clear.
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