Guest Starring: 
 Eliza Dushku: 
 Kristine Sutherland: 
 (Joyce Summers) 
 Alexis Denisof: 
 (Wesley Wyndham-Price) 
 Harry Groener: 
 (Mayor Richard Wilkins) 
 Jack Plotnik: 
 (Deputy Mayor Alan Finch) 
 Christian Clemsen: 
  14. Bad Girls.  
  Buffy begins to spend more time with Faith, but events take a turn for the worse while out patrolling.  
  Great quotes:  
The dynamic duo.
  • Xander describes the response he expects to get from his university applications as "...thin slips of paper with 'No Way!' written in crayon."
  • Giles on Buffy: "Her abuse of the English language is such that I understand only every other word."
  • Buffy: "When Giles sends me on a mission he says please... and then I get a cookie."
  • Giles to Wesley: "Criticise if you want but don't make snide remarks, and while you're at it don't criticise."
  • The Mayor finishes his invulnerability spell and suggests a celebration: "Gosh I'm feeling chipper! Who's for a root beer?"
  Fantastic moments:  
  • The cut between Buffy and Faith bursting into a nest of Vampires and dancing away in the Bronze is really effective in giving us a taste of the 'terrible two' relationship that they're cultivating.
  • All of Faith's acts of impetuosity and recklessness (Buffy: "Wait, stop, think!", Faith "No, no, no!") are brilliant. Plus the two Slayers look really hot when they're on their crime spree.
  • Giles is released from his stuffiness by Wesley's arrival; he gets to do sword fighting and lots of other cool things.
  Duff Bits:  
  • Electricity is used to kill Balthazar; this should really affect Angel (who is holding on to Balthazar at the same time) too.
  • There is some unnecessarily long exposition in the scene in the first act that ends in Giles and Wesley doing a simultaneous glasses wiping.
  • Wesley's introduction does give Buffy a reason to go off the rails for an episode, even so it is miles out of character.
  Dean's comments:  
Another new character!
This episode brings us to the beginning of the end of the Buffy/Faith relationship that has been slowly brewing for the season. The introduction of Wesley is a plot device that pushes Buffy into Faith's path, giving Buffy a reason for wanting to have a taste of the 'other side'. Faith goes a step too far though when she kills Alan Finch and appears to feel no remorse (Note that Jack Plotnick performs his own 'death' fantastically well). Buffy finally realises Faith's 'crazy' streak, but instead of rejecting what she knows is wrong, she rejects Willow and experiments with what it is like to be free of inhibitions and rules. Effectively Buffy is given choice between two possible sides of the nature of being a Slayer and having so much power, we shall see which side the coin settles on in the next episode. On a final note, the introduction of Wesley is good in that he allows Giles to do more, but annoying in that his presence pushes the original Scoobies to the back in terms of the plot.
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