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 Andy Umberger: 
  9. Something Blue.  
  Reeling from Oz's departure, Willow casts a spell to have her every will done in an attempt to make her feel better.  
  Great quotes:  
Anya and Xander.
  • Willow: "... Kablooey!"
  • As Spike and Buffy continue to smooch, Giles' response is: "It's all right, I have more Scotch."
  • Spike to the Scoobies: "This is the crack team that foils my every plan? I'm ashamed."
  • Xander: "How? Why? How?" Giles: "Three excellent questions."
  • Xander after seeing Buffy and Spike together: "Can I be blind too?"
  Fantastic moments:  
Willow accidently brings Amy back from her rat state.
  • The pre-spell interaction between Spike Buffy and Giles is very good. Buffy taunts Spike with her jugular while she feels him blood, Giles uses inappropriate words to describe Spike's condition "... impotent ... flaccid..." before Spike and Giles start talking about the soap opera 'Passions' "... Timmy's down a well!".
  • The exchange between Willow and D'Hoffryn is very good. It hints at a dark side to the power that Willow is discovering in herself as well as getting a few laughs in the way that D'Hoffryn nonchalantly accepts Willow's decision not to become a vengeance demon.
  • Riley says that he has practise conversations before talking to Buffy. That's not a good sign.
  • There's a beautiful moment when Buffy asks Giles to give her away at her wedding. This is brilliantly torn away as Giles suddenly remembers the insanity of what she's saying "This is nonsense!"
  • Buffy says 'Angel' while she's planning her wedding with Spike, he reacts by telling her that "You weren't gonna say that name." Before getting very fussy and snooty, telling Buffy "Were would Angel register? Can we have the photographer Angel would want? And the flowers Angel would have liked?"
  Duff Bits:  
  • So it's come to this? Spike is now a comedy character in the same vein as 'The odd couple' and numerous 'annoying neighbour' types. We shouldn't complain too much though, as they don't over-do it and some of the comedy is great (see above).
  • How did Spike get out of his chains in Giles' house?
  • I can't believe that Riley just accepts Buffy's explanation for telling him she was getting married to Spike. He should have just ditched her there and then.
  • Just think about the premise here, Willow has cast a spell to make her will become reality. Isn't that an unfeasibly powerful spell? Why doesn't every sufficiently powerful mage just cast it and go on an omnipotent rampage?
  Dean's comments:  
Spike proposing to Buffy.
This is more comedy following quickly on from 'Pangs'. The premise of the comedy is that we take a ridiculous situation (Giles is blind, Xander is being attacked relentlessly by demons, Buffy and Spike are in love) and see how our characters react. Once again Alyson Hannigan lays on the doe-eyes to the nth degree, you can't help but fall in love with Willow at the start of the episode as she struggles on through her pain. Willow then casts her spell and all sorts of insane wackiness begins to happen. 'Something blue' then becomes incredibly silly as soon as Buffy and Spike start planning their wedding; it just about works as a foil for the pain that Willow is suffering and as a start point for what is to be a long decent into the misuse of magical powers. The episode also includes a brilliant one-shot appearance by Elizabeth Ann Allen as Willow's powers turn the Amy-rat back into Human form for a couple of seconds.
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