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  18. Where the Wild things are.  
  A poltergeist is released into a frat house after Buffy and Riley start having non-stop sex.  
  Great quotes:  
Anya and Spike drown their sorrows.
  • Buffy to Riley: "You get fang I'll get horny ... I mean ..."
  • Xander to Anya: "There's a lot more to you and me than sex, well there should be."
  • Spike: "You take the killing for granted, then it's gone and you're like, I wish I'd appreciated it more, stopped and smelt the corpses."
  • Anya: "That's all I do now; not have sex."
  • Anya to Xander: "We have nothing in common besides both liking your penis."
  • Willow tries to cover for Riley and Buffy's sexual activities, Giles responds: "Thank you Willow I did attend university during the Mesozoic era I do remember what it's like."
  • Xander: "Who's with me?" Spike: "I am. I know I'm not he first choice for heroics. And Buffy's tried to kill me more than once. And I don't fancy a single one of you at all. But ... actually all that sounds pretty convincing." Spike walks off.
  Fantastic moments:  
Giles singing is an episode highlight.
  • Giles singing is undoubtedly cool, Tony Head sang the song himself and I was rather impressed by his acoustic number. The Scoobies are split in their opinions, Willow says "It is kinda sexy", Xander responds by saying "Please stop saying that, I'm willing to offer cash incentives."
  • The fact that there's loads of sex in the episode should be a good thing. The problem is that because this is a family show we don't get to see any of the good stuff, wait for season 6 kiddies.
  Duff Bits:  
  • There are lots of problems with the plot. Firstly there is the question over Mrs Holt the puritanically nutty Christian type teacher, why was she awarded a medal if so many kids were traumatised in the house? Giles declares at one point that Buffy and Riley will die if they are not retrieved from the house. One what is he basing this fact? Precisely where are the Scoobies doing their research, where did they find this all-inclusive fact book on the history of Lowell House? Finally, given that the presence in the house feeds off sexual activity and that this is a frat house on a university campus, why has this never happened before?
  • The final scene, as Anya and Xander pick their way through unconvincingly 'evil' foliage in Lowell house, lacks any tension at all.
  Dean's comments:  
 This is very poor, sort of like 'Fear Itself' again but with even less horror. If the point is meant to be a metaphor for the dangers of unprotected sex then it doesn't work. The premise and execution are rubbish; this is the definition of a filler episode. The only redeeming features are Tony Head's singing and the scene in which Spike and Anya drown their sorrows in the Bronze chatting about old times. 
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