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  20. The Yoko Factor.  
  Spike teams up with Adam, together they devise a plan to split up the Scooby gang.  
  Great quotes:  
Angel, looking mean.
  • Spike on Buffy: "Little Miss Tiny's got a habit of bollocking up the plans of every would be unstoppable bad-ass who comes to this town."
  • Riley on his colourful trousers: "I gotta recharge them every 2 hours or they go dead on me."
  • Xander: "... Xander got fired from that phone-sex line ..."
  • Anya hits Xander because she thinks he's going to boot camp, Xander responds "1, Ow! 2, where'd you get that idea? 3, OW!"
  • Riley and Buffy are talking about Angel: "When I saw he was bad..." Buffy "He's not bad." Riley: "Seriously, that's a good day? Even when he's good he's a billowy-coat king of pain."
  Fantastic moments:  
Riley with a case of 'testosterone poisoning'.
  • Angel is back, and then some. When Angel runs into Riley and an all out rumble ensues you're just glad you decided to stay in and watch TV. I think most fans were rooting for Angel to kick Riley's arse. Just look at the way that Angel smirks at him with all of his previously evil wisdom, how can you not want him to give the smart-arsed all American jock a lesson in life.
  • The scene in Buffy's room where she intervenes between Riley and Angel sparkles with the electricity of a new rivalry. Angel taunts Riley by asking Buffy "You actually sleep with this guy?" before Buffy tells them "I see one more display of testosterone poisoning and I'll personally put you both in the hospital." Then Buffy asks Riley if she can speak to Angel alone, Riley says "I'm not leaving this room", to which Buffy and Angel leave the room. As Angel musters the best (and evilest) grin he can manage Riley whispers to himself "Not movin' a muscle ..."
  Duff Bits:  
  • Spike joins up with Adam far too quickly; I thought that he wanted to keep a low profile. He is also well aware of the fact that Adam is killing local vampires and demons as he searches for 'understanding'. It surprises me that he would risk himself so recklessly.
  • The final scene did not impress me, when Riley walks into Adam's cave seemingly to join forces. It reeks of forced drama, almost like it has been tagged on to the episode to make the audience go 'ooh'. But then I'm a crusty old cynic.
  Dean's comments:  
Tara and Willow with Ms Kitty fantastico.
Spike getting back to his evil ways is always a good place for an episode to start. This one brings all the current themes and plots in the series together seamlessly, but all in all the best stuff is the argument between Angel and Riley (once again the best stuff in season 4 is the stuff unconnected to the main 'Initiative' arc). The 'previously on Angel' sequence was very useful to people in England who watched BtVS on BBC2 and for whom the two series were not shown concurrently. Having since seen the episodes of Angel in which Faith gives herself up and goes to prison, I think they were the best of the first season. The episode's title is an obvious reference to the Beatles; Spike discusses this with Adam and finds out that he likes 'Helter Skelter', the same song that Charles Manson thought contained secret messages telling him to go on a murderous rampage. The massive argument between the Scoobies forms a thematic nadir for the season, is great fun but goes on a little too long. It does contain some storming put-downs though as in turn each of the Scoobies gang up on the others. Everyone says Buffy is too independent, Giles: "You never train with me any more, he'll [Adam] kick your arse.", then people complain about Xander's and Giles' laziness, Xander: "I'll potter around the bat cave here with crusty old Alfred." Giles: "I am no Alfred sir, you forget, Alfred had a job!", then there is the revelation that Willow is gay, Giles drunkenly exclaims "Bloody hell!" from upstairs. Finally Buffy tells her friends that she doesn't need them, "How can you possibly help? I guess I'm starting to understand why there's no ancient prophecy about a chosen one and her friends.". Is this the end for our heroes? Find out next week on ...
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