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 Kristine Sutherland: 
 (Joyce Summers) 
 Amber Benson: 
 Mercedes McNab: 
 Bailey Chase: 
 Charlie Weber: 
 Time Winters: 
  4. Out of my mind.  
  Riley needs surgery on his troubled heart; he and Spike both seek the attention of the same surgeon after the vampire decides it's time to get his chip removed.  
  Great quotes:  
    Spike tries to get his chip out.
  • Harmony: "I'm totally her [Buffy's] arch nemesis!" and "I am a villain Spike, hello!"
  • Harmony: "Listen Spike, I'm desperate ... I'll do anything." Spike: "Anything?" Harmony: "Yeah! Oh; you mean will I have sex with you? Well, yeah."
  • Spike to Harmony: "... you silly bint!" A great bit of Englishness there.
  Fantastic moments:  
    Spike's fantasy.
  • Willow is so cute when she tells her "Occipital lobe" joke, Buffy then gives an equally fine monologue telling us about her fantasy training montage of her and Giles' easy slayer training.
  • The final scene involves Spike waking up startled from a dream in which he and Buffy are making like bunnies, "Oh god no! Please no."
  • Harmony's wittering during the operation on Spike's brain is hilarious, Spike tells her "... if your incessant prattling bollockes up this operation..." he will rip her tongue out. She then lights up and only puts it out after the doctor diverts her attention to a sign on the wall.
  • The 'vamp face' SFX is much better this season.
  Duff Bits:  
  • The melodrama between Riley and Buffy is getting rather tiresome; Riley's endless moaning starts to get on the nerves long before his turn to the 'dark side' later in the season.
  • So what did they actually do to Riley in the operation? Did they put back the 'evil' chip that he ripped out at the end of season 4? Wasn't that what was causing a lot of his problems in the first place?
  • James Master's English accent falters a little when he rages on, towards the end of the episode, about Buffy 'haunting' him.
  Dean's comments:  
Willow and Tara.
This episode deals with two rather annoying plotlines that don't seem to go anywhere interesting. We have the aftermath of the Initiative's influence on Riley and Spike, both looking to have the things that were done to them undone. Bubbling under is the continuing break down of Buffy and Riley's relationship; she misses several opportunities in the episode to tell him that she loves him. The episode opens with Buffy 'hunting' vampires once again; she stakes one before it even gets out of the ground and takes offence that Riley should be helping her. There is a nice mislead in the episode, Joyce's hospital visit must be a plot contrivance to get Dawn to listen to Riley's mis-firing heart; surely they wouldn't hospitalise a major character, would they? The best bits are the Spike / Harmony interplay, without which the story would get bogged down in a depressing mire about Buffy and Riley. The final scene, concerning the revelation that Spike is dreaming about kissing Buffy, is the episode's best moment.
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