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  6. Family.  
  Tara's family come to Sunnydale, her 'dark' secret is finally revealed.  
  Great quotes:  
Tara's father.
  • Willow: "There's Scoobiage afoot." and "Did I miss any exposition?"
  • Buffy describes Glory: "... she was kind of like Cordelia, I'm pretty sure she dyes her hair."
  • Xander: "Two entrances, a lot of opportunity for bawdy French farce!"
  • Tara's Dad: "We're her blood kin, who the hell are you?" Buffy: "We're family."
  Fantastic moments:  
  • The 'moving out' scene at Buffy's dorm is reasonably funny. Xander and Riley wrestle and Tara tells a joke which no one laughs at "... that was funny if you studied Taglarin mythic rites and are a complete dork." Riley: "Then how come Xander didn't laugh?" Xander: "I don't know that Taglarin stuff."
  • Spike's fantasies about sparring and then having sex with Buffy are great, we cut back to Spike in bed with Harmony at the, shall we say, final moment. Harmony asks Spike "What were you thinking?" Spike: "All about you baby!" Later on in the episode Spike helps Buffy fight the 'invisible' demons.
  • Harmony tells Spike that she "... went to April Fool's and absolutely everything was on sale." It turns out that she killed the clerk anyway and just took what she wanted but "... a bargain's a bargain." Spike shudders at this vacuous failure to understand anything about her supposed 'evil'.
  Duff Bits:  
  • Spike punches Tara in order to prove she's not a demon. Let's examine this in more detail. Does the chip in Spike's head sense whether Spike is punching a demon? I would have thought that, given the chip is neurological in design, it only hurts Spike if he knows he is hitting a Human. It doesn't seem reasonable to suggest that Spike's chip can actually detect the presence of Human or non-Human life forms.
  • The episode is a bit stodgy in places. There's too much of Buffy and Riley going over previous plot lines and having mini-arguments (again). Buffy also chastises Dawn, something that doesn't really fit her character, although I know that the point of season 5 is, at one level, to turn Buffy into the Summers' Mum.
  Dean's comments:  
Willow and Tara dance at the Bronze.
Finally, an episode about Tara; she starts out as the complete outsider and finds her real family in the people who respect and care for her, namely her friends. Tara has been a reasonably quiet character throughout the series and one never would have expected to see her character revealed as a demon; thankfully Joss Whedon sticks to this and keeps her in the realm of normalcy. The plot wont win any prizes for originality (men oppress women, it is bad) but at least there's a heart-warming ending, even if Tara's cousin Beth is so meek as to be utterly unbelievable. While all this is going on there is the sub plot of Glory, Ben and the mental patients in the hospital. The writers are letting on to nothing at this stage but it is already clear that Glory and Ben are connected while she has a lot of power. She describes Buffy as 'unbelievably common' when she discovers that she is a vampire slayer.
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