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 Kristine Sutherland: 
 Amber Benson: 
 Clare Kramer: 
 Charlie Weber: 
 Troy T Blendell: 
  13. Blood Ties.  
  Dawn finally discovers her true nature.  
  Great quotes:  
Dawn finds out the truth.
  • Willow: "The bigger they are..." Anya: "... the faster they stomp you into nothing."
  • Spike: "I wasn't lurking, I was standing about. It's a whole different vibe."
  • Buffy: "What's the homework sitch?"
  • Spike: "Brown robe types are always protecting something, it's the only way they can justify giving up girls."
  • Willow: "Teleportation spell, still working out the kinks." Buffy: "Where'd she go?" Willow: "That's one of the kinks."
  Fantastic moments:  
  • Dawn spends a lot of the episode with Spike; the idea of this evil monster just chilling out with this random 14-year-old is quite funny. Spike is more interested in stealing stuff from the magic box when they break in to look for Giles' notebook, he asks if the key is made of gold "... maybe we can hock it." Spike seems to have a connection to all the Summers women.
  Duff Bits:  
  • The entire episode is essentially one long exposition scene, and therefore a little boring overall.
  • Michelle Trachtenberg does an ear-splitting scream "GET OUT!" as Buffy tries to comfort her. Ye Gods I could have done without listening to that.
  Dean's comments:  
Glory brain-drains a knight.
It's revelation time, but it's also a bit of a lame episode. The episode doesn't really have a self-contained plot, this is all so that we can get lots of exposition out of the way, such as revealing Ben's connection to Glory (they're the same person!) and telling Dawn what she really is. Dawn breaks into the magic box in order to steal Giles' notebook, which rather conveniently has the season's plot mapped out clear as day. There's also the "... the monks made you out of me, it's Summers blood" part which seems a little tacky and indeed will be used to engineer an ending to the season in 'The Gift'. Once again it's best not to think to hard about the mechanics of the plot (such as if the key is do easy to destroy then why didn't the monks just turn it into a fly and squash it?) The knights of Byzantium (or, according to Buffy "... the knights of hack and slash...") are also back, another opportunity to get some cool sword fighting in, but again utterly irrelevant to the plot.
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