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  15. I was made to love you.  
  There is a robotic 'perfect girlfriend' on the loose in Sunnydale.  
  Great quotes:  
  • Spike: "Bloody hell, you threw me through a window! What's all that about?" April: "You cannot say that to me... Warren is my boyfriend." Spike: "You know what? My bleeding sympathies to Warren."
  • Tara the pedant: "I go online sometime but everyone's spelling is really bad, it's depressing."
  • Anya does a good deed: "I'm expecting a big karmic reward any second now."
  • Xander: "She's a sex-bot! I mean what guy doesn't dream about that?"
  • Buffy: "I've had it with super strong little women who aren't me."
  • April: "Crying is blackmail, good girlfriends don't cry."
  Fantastic moments:  
  • The screenshot inside April's
    head is brilliant, some of the files she is accessing include 'kissing', 'lstn-sympathtcly', 'gv_hm_prsnts', 'sex', 'fetish' and 'positions'. The description she has of Warren is that he is 'really_smart', 'handsome', 'best_lover' and a 'snappy_dresser'. After he tells her he doesn't love her she enters into 'combat_mode', apparently she is equipped with knowledge of a variety of fighting styles.
  • There's a brilliant moment when Buffy confronts Warren about April, Warren says "You need to know something about her... something you couldn't possibly know." Cue a big dramatic zoom and music "She's a robot!" Buffy just answers "Uh-huh."
  • Buffy and the Scoobies delight in Giles' frustration at having to baby-sit Dawn, "We listened to aggressively cheerful music sung by people chosen for their ability to dance, we ate cookie dough and talked about boys."
  Duff Bits:  
  • This is a general comment about the use of robots in science fiction. When building a robot there is no fundamental law that states the robot must have superhuman strength, yet invariably they do. Warren has built what is essentially a very sophisticated sex toy; there is no reason for him to give his robot borg-like strength. Although I suppose he could have built her as a kind of bodyguard too, but you would want to build an obvious failsafe in.
  • So Ben gave Buffy his number? Isn't that really dumb if he doesn't want Glory to know about his association with the slayer?
  • Warren's real girlfriend Katrina is a real idiot.
  Dean's comments:  
Buffy chats to April.
This is a fun episode with a lot of comedy and great visual gags. It plays out like a kind of postmodern Asimov tale, the 'little lost robot' who has been programmed for a purpose that society shuns. The episode ends with a couple of odd scenes in which Buffy appears to have a heart-to-heart moment with April and then finds her mother motionless on the sofa. I was entertained by the way that the Scoobies work out that April is a robot immediately without having to do any research at all; it's a nice touch which undercuts a problem which sci-fi television often has, the fact that if the audience can spot what's going on one wonders why the characters can't (just think of all the times Agent Scully should have been convinced that aliens exist, by season 7 she still wont accept it). At least the characters in BtVS have been paying attention to their own lives. It's something which is flagged up brilliantly when Warren tells Buffy the "... something you couldn't possibly know" and we get a big cheesy zoom in on him as he reveals what was obvious to the audience and the Scoobies right from the start. Buffy and Ben lamely tip-toe around chatting each other up, Ben tells poor jokes to which Buffy laughs excessively. The whole thing is resolved by the end of the episode when Buffy calls him to tell him she isn't ready for a new relationship. The episode contains the first scene in which Xander is using his carpentry skills to repair something "I'm turning into the kind of guy you want around after a crazed robot attack."
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