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 Franc Ross: 
 Geoff Meed: 
 Mike Grief: 
  2. Bargaining, Part 2.  
  Buffy clambers out of her own grave to discover Sunnydale being overrun by chaotic demons on motorbikes.  
  Great quotes:  
  • Buffy: "Is this hell?"
  • Anya: "Less talk, more running away."
  • Xander: "This place is NORAD and we're at DEFCON 1! I so need male friends."
  Fantastic moments:  
Buffy emerges from the ground.
  • Willow becomes totally engulfed in dark magic as she wrestles with her own power in an attempt to bring Buffy back from death. The SFX in this scene are spectacular.
  • The moment when Buffy is resurrected in her grave is suitably terrifying, the claustrophobia and panic that she experiences comes through really well.
  • Buffy takes on the entire biker-demon crowd and minces them all in a wicked display of crude martial arts. Breathe a sigh of relief everyone, she's back.
  Duff Bits:  
  • The destruction of the Buffy-bot is a dramatic failure, no one cares about it now that the real thing is back.
  • I think that the episode's ending is unnecessarily loose. Over 85 minutes of storytelling you would think they could tighten things up. But then they'll do that in Afterlife so it isn't such a disaster.
  • The biker demons are just plain irritating. Blah blah metaphor for hell blah blah...
  Dean's comments:  
The Scoobies look on as Willow raises the dead.
And so the seeds of the arc for season 6 are sown here, Buffy finds herself in her own coffin before clawing her way out and seeing an effigy of herself ripped apart by monsters as fires burn and alarms wail. Who wouldn't describe that as hell? Buffy fights the monsters but then wants to escape from this perceived hell, only Dawn is able to talk her out of killing herself again (probably the first useful thing Dawn has ever done). As well as the arc for season 6, we get the mood too; a mood of pain and despair, one of frustration and disquiet. This is all fairly heavy stuff, there's not a lot here for the teenage audience that fell in love with the soapy Buffy-heart-Angel material of early season 2. BtVS has become difficult to watch, but at the same time immensely rewarding for those who persevere. In this sense, Bargaining is quite hard to take at first viewing. Subsequent viewings - with retrospect of the rest of season 6 and the themes contained therein - add layers to the narrative which are difficult to spot first time round.
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