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 Tom Lenk: 
 Danny Strong: 
 Adam Busch: 
 Daniel Hagen: 
 Susan Ruttan: 
 (Doris Kroegar) 
  11. Gone.  
  The three geeks cause Buffy to become invisible.  
  Great quotes:  
Buffy's 'arch-nemesesees'.
  • Jonathan: "You penis!" Warren: "Oh cheer up Frodo."
  • Warren to Buffy and Willow: "We're your arch-nemesises... ses; you may have beaten us this time slayer, but next time, um, next time..." Jonathan: "... maybe not!" They all run away.
  • Xander: "We need to talk." Willow: "We are talking. Well, I'm talking and you're looking at me funny."
  • Buffy: "Xander and Anya are working on it, 'Muldering-out' what happened."
  Fantastic moments:  
  • Spike's dirty and lecherous behaviour around Buffy - this time in the Summers' kitchen - continues to be a very entertaining element in this sixth season. More so when Xander nearly catches them and tells him that only a demented loon would sleep with him
  • There's a moment, when invisible Buffy leaves the social services office, when you can just hear her whistling 'Going through the motions' from 'Once More With Feeling'.
  • Xander and Willow do a bit of investigation work, solve the mystery and exchange comedy moments; just like the old days, brilliant.
  Duff Bits:  
  • Buffy's hair at the start of the episode is terrible, thank god she got rid of that style. In contrast Willow seems to have sorted herself out since 'Wrecked'.
  • Some elements of the plot are fairly unsubtle. I'm thinking mainly about the bit at the start when Buffy talks about 'not giving into temptation', then finds Spike's lighter and flashes back to her and the vampire shagging.
  • The whole 'Buffy is going to die' subplot has no gravitas at all. They might just as well have left it out.
  • Willow gets some appalling technobabble to say when everyone is invisible in the arcade at the end. Hannigan does a mighty fine job with her lines though.
  Dean's comments:  
Spike gets his shirt off again.
Just imagine a meeting of the senior production team on BtVS: it's a slow day, memories of the glories of 'The Body' and 'Once More, With Feeling' are rapidly fading. Then some genius shouts out "Let's make Buffy invisible! Think of the comedy!" This is a really poor episode. Although 'poor' on BtVS is probably still at least 'average' for most of the television drama that comes out of the US. The premise is utterly ridiculous and completely out of step with the themes of the episode and the season; all so that we can get some base comedy where Buffy freaks out people she doesn't like and a lame 'Xander sees Spike doing press ups in bed' scene. 'Gone' is almost compensation to the audience for having to put up with the darkness of the last two shows; the problem is that it feels slightly insulting. The only redeeming factors are that the geek trio continue to be as funny as usual and the fact that Willow gets to be Buffy's sidekick - cue the understated timidity that I love so much in that character - for the first time since midway through season 5. At least by the end of the episode Buffy finally claims that she no longer wishes she were dead, well that's something anyway.
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