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  13. Dead Things.  
  Warren and the geeks kill his ex-girlfriend Katrina; they concoct a scheme to pin the blame for her death on Buffy.  
  Great quotes:  
Warren tries to turn on the charm, but becomes a killer.
  • Buffy: "We missed the bed again." Spike: "Lucky for the bed."
  • Willow: "There's this last thread of dignity I've been desperately clinging to."
  • Buffy: "Time went all David Lynch."
  • Warren offers a toast: "Gentlemen, to crime!" Andrew coughs on his champagne: "Crime tastes funny."
  • Andrew and Jonathan chanting: "Bazoombas! Bazzombas!"
  Fantastic moments:  
  • There's a lot of entertaining interaction between Buffy and Spike in this episode. They are both shocked by the fact that they're having a normal conversation and then they have sex in the Bronze while the Scoobies are there. Spike even forces Buffy to watch her friends while they're together "Look at your friends and tell me you don't love getting away with this." Later on Buffy beats Spike up, once again she's using him to relieve her own emotional detritus.
  • Buffy's confession to Tara of her secret liaisons with Spike is heartfelt but seems a little out of character when she pleads to be told that she's wrong. Anyway, it's a beautiful scene in which Tara's status as the emotional bedrock of the Scooby gang is re-affirmed.
  • Buffy reacts badly to Willow telling her she's been "... all tied up."
  Duff Bits:  
  • I'm not sure that I'm happy with the direction that Warren's character took in this episode. He has suddenly changed from being a slightly devilish nerd to a murdering rapist. This makes season 6's moralities much more black and white, which is a shame.
  • There's an appalling sequence right in the middle of the episode in which Buffy wanders through a graveyard and Spike 'senses' her while some lame soft rock plays in the background. A little bit of a bad slash-fiction overdrive methinks.
  • If Warren has to wear protective goggles to shield himself from the effects of the spell that enslaves Katrina, then why isn't everyone else in the bar - none of whom are wearing goggles - enslaved too?
  Dean's comments:  
Andrew and Jonathan play lightsabres.
This is a very disjointed episode, on one level we have BtVS the soap and on the other hand we have a dark misogynistic murder. In 'Dead Things' Buffy has a crappy job, sleeps with Spike and worries about her health; these are the sorts of plots one might find in 'Neighbours'. At the same time Warren enslaves his ex-girlfriend, tries to rape her and eventually kills her; a drastically dark turn for a character who had - until now - been a rather sad and silly geek rather than 'evil'. When the geeks convince Buffy that she's responsible for Katrina's murder she seems to jump at the opportunity to make a martyr out of herself, she decides to turn herself into the police despite Dawn and Spike pleading with her that it would be the wrong thing to do. The geeks have their characters firmly cemented in the scene after Katrina is killed by Warren; he wants to cover it up, Jonathan wants to go to the police while Andrew just sits there scared. Overall the episode feels like it was made out of lots of different ideas that were wired together rather than being a coherent story. My explanation for Spike being able to hit Buffy makes much more sense than Tara's though; he loves her, being a vampire means that hitting someone is an expression of love. Therefore Spike isn't trying to hurt Buffy, merely expressing love. How about that then?
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