Guest Starring: 
 Casey Sander: 
 (Xander's Dad) 
 Kali Rocha: 
 Andy Umberger: 
 Lee Garlington: 
 (Xander's Mum) 
 Jan Hoag: 
 (Xander's cousin) 
 George D Wallace: 
 (Old Xander) 
 Steven Gilborn: 
 (Uncle Rory) 
 James C Leary: 
 Daniel McFeeley: 
 (Warty Demon) 
 Rebecca Jackson: 
 Mel Fair: 
 (Tentacle demon) 
 Nick Kokich: 
 (Demon teen) 
  16. Hell's Bells.  
  It's the wedding day, but Xander is having last minute qualms.  
  Great quotes:  
Anya prepares for her big day.
  • Buffy to Willow: "We must equally share in the cosmic joke that is bridesmaids-dom." Willow: "Well maybe... if I can ask Anya she'll let me go with the traditional larva and burlap."
  • Anya: "I Anya promise to love you, to cherish you, to honour you, but not to obey you of course because that's anachronistic and misogynistic and 'who do you think you are, a sea captain or something?'"
  • Xander: "What if I can't wear my cummerbund, then the whole world will see where my pants meet my shirt! Buffy that cannot happen, I must wear das cummerbund!"
  • Xander to Buffy: "You wanna get lucky? I've still got 15 - 20 minutes."
  • Girl: "I'm bored!" Xander's cousin: "It's a wedding honey; we're all bored."
  • Willow to Xander: "Good thing I realised I was gay or hey, you and me in formal wear..."
  Fantastic moments:  
  • The best bit of the episode is Tara and Willow's extended flirting at every possible opportunity. Especially when they are fiddling with Anya's dress before the ceremony. And what happens to them after the wedding breaks out into a fight? They both totally disappear as Buffy kills the demon. Amber Benson's performance outstrips even Emma Caulfield.
  Duff Bits:  
  • So an evil demon comes to take revenge on Anya by, wait for it, ruining her wedding! That's incredibly lame given that she sent him to hell and that the demon was planning on killing her anyway. What's the point of the entire 'pretend to be Xander from the future malarkey'?
  • The episode ends in the wrong way in my opinion. Anya's solitary, tear ridden walk down the aisle should be the sad finale that the episode deserves to have, instead we see D'hoffryn inviting her to be a vengeance demon again. All sympathy for Anya is lost very quickly once we realise that she's looking for revenge on Xander.
  Dean's comments:  
Willow and Buffy look resplendant (?) in their bridesmaids garb.
'Hell's Bells' is an episode that has a lot of flaws; apart from trying to cram too many subplots and subtexts into 40 minutes it commits the worse crime of descending into cliché at every possible opportunity. If ever there was a time for BtVS to totally leave out the supernatural then it is right here in 'Hell's Bells'. The writers try to cover racism, fear of commitment, fear of adulthood and fear of old age without getting to grips with any of these subjects while giving Sarah Michelle Gellar some of the poorest material she's ever had to work with on the show (gags about bad wedding dresses and being forced to do stand up being the worst culprits). The break up of Xander and Anya should be the season's emotional nadir, after all they've been together for the best part of 3 years. Unfortunately the tedium of the wedding (isn't that always the case with weddings) diminishes the impact of the plot. The worst episode of season 6.
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