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  20. Villains.  
  With Tara dead, Willow decides to take revenge on Warren.  
  Great quotes:  
Dark Willow.
  • Willow: "Axe not gonna cut it." Such a bad pun that it becomes good.
  • Xander: "So Willow's all 'wrathy'..."
  • Willow: "Bored now..."
  • Buffy: "Being the slayer doesn't give me a license to kill."
  Fantastic moments:  
  • Jonathan and Andrew in the jail are hilarious. They seem to think that they're already in a nightmare version of Colditz castle where the 'Daddy' goes after the new guys for 'butt-monkeys'. But even in this situation they can't stop lapsing into geek cliché by discussing the relative merits of Mathew Broderick's work.
  • Willow goes to the magic shop to tool up on black magic before going out to take Warren on. What follows is some of the coolest SFX BtVS ever did, the words of the magical texts flow up Willows arms and into her mind. As they do so they turn her hair from its traditional bright red to a sinister black.
  • Willow's torture of Warren makes for tough watching but is so stunning that is counts as a classic moment. It all builds up to a final moment when Warren challenges her, "You're not a bad person, not like me" he says, but this is not longer the Willow we know and love. "Bored now", she says, before flaying off all his skin.
  Duff Bits:  
  • Where did Spike go to 'give Buffy what she deserves'? He only left last night but the music and local dialect seem to indicate that he's meant to be somewhere mystical in the African desert. How did he get there so fast?
  • I don't understand why so many people in the BtVS-watching community like Clem so much. His entirely un-infectious brand of 'don't mind me' neutrality bores and irritates me in equal proportions. I was really disappointed to see him given more and more lines as season 7 progressed.
  Dean's comments:  
 And so the season begins to wind its way to a conclusion with the emergence of the real big bad. What a shame they decided that after an entire season of pontificating about how 'life is the big bad' that the production team felt the need to do the whole 'bigger badder eviler end-of-the-world' conclusion just like every other year. I felt rather disappointed when I first saw the concluding episodes to season 6, because I felt I had somehow been cheated. This feeling isn't helped by the fact that 'Villains' is rather an annoying episode. Although not disappointing in terms of seat-of-your-pants action, there's too much unwieldy dialogue and waffle without any of the usual Whedonesque wit to balance it all out. Firstly a mystical face summoned by Willow spells out to the viewers that Tara is DEAD guys, she aint coming back. Then there is an exposition scene in Buffy's house that seems to go on forever (actually it's closer to 5 minutes) where Xander, Dawn and Buffy make it clear - to the audience - that rather than saving Warren from Willow their intentions are to save Willow from herself. Even though they all covertly agree with Willow's plan to do away with him, they know that there are limits and that they cannot let Willow cross a line. Basically the episode suffers because it is trying to bring all the season's threads together artificially so that everything can be wrapped up in two episodes time. Note that Willow doesn't become 'evil' straight away; the first thing she does with her new powers is to go to the hospital and save Buffy's life. Only after that does she hunt down Warren. 
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