Guest Starring: 
 DB Woodside: 
 (Robin Wood) 
 Tom Lenk: 
 Iyari Limon: 
 Clara Bryant: 
 Sarah Hagan: 
 Kristy Wu: 
  15. Get it Done.  
  Buffy uses a gift from an old slayer to search for information about The First.  
  Great quotes:  
The men who created the slayer line.
  • Spike: “Get up, get out, get drunk. Repeat as needed.”
  • Spike: “Would you let it go? You’re like a dog with a bone.” Anya: “What’s your problem?” Spike: “It’s my bone.”
  • Buffy: “The Hellmouth has begun its semi-annual percolation.”
  • Buffy describes why Andrew is a ‘guestage’ at the house: “Well he was evil and people got killed and now he bakes. It’s a thing.”
  • Spike: “I’m just the one who beat him off. ‘Repelled him’ would have been a better phrase.”
  • Buffy describes Willow as: “A Wicca who wont-a.”
  Fantastic moments:  
Andrew, doing some baking.
  • Buffy and Dawn walk in on the swinging body of Chloe, who has recently hung herself after finding herself unable to handle Kennedy’s rough treatment. It’s a dastardly and effective way to demonstrate the real dangers and sacrifices that are going to become evident as the season progresses.
  • There’s a brilliant moment when Spike, needing a quick boost to his ego before he goes in search of a demon to kill, retrieves his famous leather jacket to the sound of some pounding ‘bad boy’ rhythms. He then takes on the demon with the ‘old school’ zeal and carefree attitude of the old Spike before dragging the part of its body he needed. He’s back, and he’s wearing Robin Wood’s mother’s jacket.
  • The shadow caster is pretty freaky and a very effective method of generating a sinister mood before Buffy dives into an unknown world.
  • Andrew’s ‘big board’, detailing all the crucial locations in Sunnydale, is great.
  Duff Bits:  
  • This episode’s ‘MacGuffin of the week’ is a big bag of slayer stuff that Robin Wood’s mother used to own, complete with a spooky storytelling carousel and ancient book of magical chants.
  • The opening act drags an awful lot as Robin Wood is shown around ‘slayer central’.
  Dean's comments:  
A potential slayer army.
This is good stuff, a lesson in how to write a self-contained 40 minutes of plot in a series whose main plot is quickly spiralling into an unwieldy mess. One even, Chloe’s hanging, convinces Buffy that she – and she alone – is strong enough to stand up to The First. She gives an unbelievably harsh speech upon discovering Chloe’s body, she tells the Potentials that she was “... an idiot.”, and inspires Willow and Spike into action by taking an executive decision to jump into the newly-opened portal just to see what’s on the other side. This is Buffy the hero and Buffy the general rolled into one; she takes action and expects her troops to find a way to bring her back. Buffy tells Spike she wants his old self back, accuses Willow of not being able to do magic, tells Anya she’s useless and generally tells everyone they’re holding her back. Her faith in Willow pays off, the red-haired one overcomes her fears of her own power to roll back the mystical barriers and pull Buffy out of a foreign dimension with valuable information; this relates to the themes in ‘Potential’. Buffy’s self-sacrifice – using actions instead of words – inspires the Scoobies into action, allows them to prove their own power to Buffy in the way that she demands of them earlier in the episode. When the original watchers meet Buffy and tell her that the only way to achieve victory is through ultimate power; she disagrees, preferring instead to accept knowledge and the loyalty of her friends. She will not give up her friends for the security of a certain victory, harsh speeches or no harsh speeches.
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