Guest Starring: 
 Robia La Morte: 
 (Jenny Calendar) 
 Chad Lindberg: 
 Jamison Ryan: 
 Mark Dealins: 
 (Voice of Moloch) 
  8. I robot, you Jane.  
  Willow gets an internet boyfriend who is not quite what he seems.  
  Great quotes:  
Moloch the Destroyer (mark 2).
  • Jenny Calendar to Giles: "Soon you'll join us in the twentieth centaury... with three whole years to spare!"
  • Fritz shows why computer geeks have the reputation they do: "...if you're not jacked in you're not alive!"
  • Buffy: "Here's a tip: hurry!"
  • Buffy: "... zomboids." What?
  • Buffy: "My spider sense is tingling."
  Fantastic moments:  
  • Buffy and Giles argue about what Moloch will be able to do in the internet. Buffy: "Mess up medical equipment." (although how many heart monitors are connected to the internet?), Giles: "Randomise traffic signals.", Buffy: "Get launch codes for our nuclear missiles?", (once again does the U.S. government really keep its missile launch codes on its homepage?) Giles: "Destroy the world's economy?" Buffy: "I think I capped it with that nuclear missile one.", Giles: "Yes, yours was best."
  Duff Bits:  
  • How exactly did Buffy tail Dave to the CRD factory? He is in a car she isn't.
  • Several problems with the use of computers should be pointed out. Firstly turning a monitor off doesn't usually turn the CPU off; secondly what building security systems have poison gas emitters built into them? Third, into what is Jenny typing Giles' commands? Some kind of instant messenger service perhaps? How does this translate into a mystical spell... I think I'll switch my brain off now.
  • The school records list Buffy's birthday as being both 24/10/80 and 6/5/79. We can only presume that the former is accurate as Buffy is meant to be 16 years old in this series (1997), but then her birthday is after Christmas (in season 3 Buffy's birthday is in 'Helpless' with Christmas occurs during 'Amends') while her tombstone in 'The Gift' reads that she was born in 1981. The truth is that the writers of the series probably didn't care much about picky details such as the main characters' dates of birth, preferring instead to get on with writing cracking scripts. Good on them.
  Dean's comments:  
Jenny Calendar.
We have to wait a long time for the first Willow-based episode of the series, and it is a bit of a let down, only coming in with average marks. The introduction of Jenny Calendar is a welcome foil for Giles. It is her character that embodies the point of the episode, which is to introduce the BtVS audience to the idea that the series is going to be quite free about mixing the mystical and the modern age; this is something that is does with some success in the latter series what with the idea of entire demonic communities living peacefully in Sunnydale. In fact this is the first time that any character outside the Scooby gang has been given the chance to acknowledge the existence of paranormal activities.
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