Guest Starring: 
 David Boreanaz: 
 Mark Metcalf: 
 (The Master) 
 Kristine Sutherland: 
 (Joyve Summers) 
 Robia LaMorte: 
 (Jenny Calendar) 
 Andrew J Ferchland: 
 (The Anointed One) 
 Scott Gurney: 
  12. Prophecy Girl.  
  Buffy's destiny is revealed; she must face the Master and perish.  
  Great quotes:  
Buffy and The Master.
  • Xander after his rejection by Buffy: "I handle rejection badly, which is funny what with all the practice I've had." And "On a scale of 1 to 10: it sucked. I suppose it could be worse, I could have gangrene on my face."
  • Xander tells us he is going to "...listen to country music, the music of pain."
  • Buffy knocks Giles out and then turns to Jenny Calendar: "Tell him... think of something cool, tell him I said it."
  • Giles: "If the Master rises..." Buffy: "I don't care!... Giles I'm 16, I don't want to die."
  • Xander: "'Calm' may work for 'Locutus of the Borg' here but I'm freaked out and I intend to stay that way."
  Fantastic moments:  
A grusome scene of the reality of death in the world of BtVS.
  • The shots of the dead kids in the school with the bloody handprint on the TV screen are chilling and disturbing. It is a great scene because the way that it shows Willow's vulnerability through her reactions, allowing Buffy to draw the strength and resolve to fight the Master.
  • In the first season's best scene, Buffy learns of her destiny and in one swoop the series graduates from 'good' to 'great'. In this perfectly written and balanced scene, Buffy shows signs of weakness and vulnerability as the conflict between her youth and the wisdom expected of her crashes into her life. From the way that Buffy asks about the next slayer as a coded way of looking at her own mortality to the way that she rebukes Angel "...I quit remember; pay attention!" the scene adds hitherto unknown dimensions to each of the three characters involved. Sheer brilliance.
  Duff Bits:  
  • Once again I have to ask what the point of the Anointed One is? Buffy was going to go to the Master anyway so his purpose is useless. Unless that was what broke the prophecy, the fact that Buffy resolved to take the Master on rather than shying away from her destiny.
  • The SFX on the monster and the Hellmouth aren't great, but this is splitting hairs really.
  Dean's comments:  
She's still pretty...
Best episode of the series so far, and still (yes even in the light of all that is to come) one of the best of the whole series. This is another affirmation that although Buffy might act like she's out of 'Beverly Hills 90210', she does recognise her destiny and part in the battle against evil, therefore showing her maturity and wisdom. There is a lot of great characterisation in this for Buffy because of that; the writing for her and Gellar's acting combine beautifully to ensure that the series has a great lead character here. The series has lead us into the nadir in terms of the characters lives, Buffy faces her mortality, Willow is forced to face the reality of the fact that the world she lives in isn't going to be fun all the time, Xander faces the reality of his own fantasies, Giles faces the fact that despite his best efforts Buffy may die anyway while Angel realises the difficulties that a relationship between himself and Buffy will entail. These low points allow the characters to come through and grow as they battle the physical evil of the Master's ascendancy to the surface. The episode's ending is nicely encapsulated by Buffy's line "We saved the world, I say we party.", the series could well have been ended on that note. How glad we all are that it continued...
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