Guest Starring: 
 Kristine Sutherland: 
 (Joyce Summers) 
 Robia LaMorte: 
 (Jenny Calendar) 
 Andrew J Ferchland: 
 (The Annointed One) 
 Armin Shimerman: 
 (Principal Snyder) 
 Dean Butler: 
 (Hank Summers) 
 Brent Jennings: 
  1. When She Was Bad.  
  Buffy returns to Sunnydale after a holiday, but with her mind on the recent battle with the Master, her distraction starts to cause friction amongst her friends.  
  Great quotes:  
  • Cordelia being tactful: "We've never been close, which is good 'cos I don't like you..."
  • Snyder on his sixth sense: "Some things I can just smell, it's like a sixth sense." Giles: "That would be one of the five."
  • Xander's explanation of the week: "it's a mystical bad guy transference thing!"
  • Buffy's repost to Cordelia: "You don't tell anyone I'm a slayer and I wont tell anyone you're a moron."
  Fantastic moments:  
Buffy and Xander dance.
  • Opening scene is great, interplay between Xander and Willow tells us a lot about these characters. When Buffy comes back, we all go hooray!
  • Buffy's dream where Giles strangles her is pretty disturbing.
  • The super-emotional ending where Buffy smashes up the Master's bone is a good way to finish things off, a visual representation that she's got over her Joan Collins 'tude as Cordelia would say.
  Duff Bits:  
Boreanaz is getting better at acting each week.
  • David Boreanaz's acting is still a little off; it's better than season 1 though.
  • The vamps kidnap Jenny and Cordelia on one day then wait for the next day to take Giles and Willow. Why not wait and kidnap them all at once so as not to give away their plan?
  • Does anyone else think that Cibo Matto are over-rated? They don't sound particularly tuneful to me.
  • Why does the anointed one have power, what does he do (rubbish baddie, can Spike kill him now)?
  Dean's comments:  
The Scoobies are back in business.
This is a fantastic opener for the new season. Buffy is different now, she has faced her destiny and beaten it, she's stronger and more wilful for the experience. This episode alludes to the themes for the new series, Buffy has a lot of strength but not a lot of emotional maturity, essentially she's too young to have all the expectations that are being heaped upon her. It's this that brings on the 'Joan Collins' 'tude as Cordelia says. The character development through the plot is what makes the show brilliant, especially the scenes between Buffy and Cordelia, but also in the re-affirmation of her relationships with Xander, Giles and Angel. The ending is good too, showing that even though Buffy is a super hero she's still only a kid and sometimes has to smash things up to deal with her emotional problems.
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