Guest Starring: 
 Robia LaMorte: 
 (Jenny Calendar) 
 Angelo Spizzirri: 
 Michael Bacall: 
 Ingo Neuhaus: 
 Melanie McQueen: 
 (Mrs Epps) 
  2. Some Assembly Required.  
Daryl; AKA Frankenstein.
The disappearance of the corpses of several girls signals the possibilities of grave robbers or zombies in the local area. It soon emerges that some of the local kids are using the body parts in the name of science.
  Great quotes:  
  • Giles on American Football: "I was wondering why a nation that prides itself in its virility should feel the need to strap on 40 pounds of armour to play rugby." Right on!
  • Buffy on an opening line for Giles to use on Jenny: "Ask her to bless your laptop."
  • Giles: "...indecorous..." What?
  Fantastic moments:  
  • Angel isn't wearing black!! His white shirt will never be seen again though.
  Duff Bits:  
  • There is an awful lot of 'filler' in this episode, Xander telling head jokes, Cordelia walking through the car park for over a minute, the Grave digging, library exposition. It hints at a plot that is quite thin.
  • Given that Buffy is a known troublemaker (possibly in a gang) in the school, why go after her and her mates to kill for a head? Choose someone lame!
  Dean's comments:  
Some geeks!
Below-par episode, some neat comedy but not much else really. It's always entertaining when they have a go at school geeks. The introduction of Cordelia into the Scooby fold is welcome, as she gets lots of great lines. Every TV series has the 'character that always speaks their mind', but still, Cordie is well written and has shown her emotional side several times. The end of the episode has a big problem, when Xander and Willow talk to each other about why they never seem to get dates, it's almost like a 'Here's the punch line...' moment. Hmmm, I'm not impressed.
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