Guest Starring: 
 Danny Strong: 
 Charles Cyphers: 
 (Coach Marin) 
 Jeremy Garrett: 
 (Cameron Walker) 
 Wentworth Miller: 
 (Gage Perronzi) 
 Conchatta Ferrell: 
 (Nurse Greenleigh) 
 Armin Shimerman: 
 (Principal Snyder) 
  20. Go Fish.  
  Supernatural sea creatures are attacking the school swimming team.  
  Great quotes:  
  • Xander: "The Yankees, Abbot and Costello, the 'A', those were teams."
  • Buffy has been hanging around Giles too long: "From whence it came..."
  Fantastic moments:  
Monsterific SFX.
  • Willow interrogating Jonathan is utter genius.
  • Gage turning into a fish-demon is good SFX; maybe they had some money left over by cutting back in 'Bad Eggs'.
  • I enjoyed Xander's unease around the scoobies as he turns out for the swimming team.
  Duff Bits:  
  • Why does Buffy always fall for the really smarmy guys like Jack? I thought she liked the darkly secretive tough type, Angel, Spike, and Riley.
  • Buffy trailing Gage is very lame, I thought Buffy was a super hero?
  Dean's comments:  
Xander the swimmer.
After 'Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered', the writers must have realised that the comic talent of Nick Brendon was something that they could not ignore, 'Go Fish' is a fine example or then penning an episode around this talent. The seamless meshing of comedy with drama and action is the main thing that makes BtVS a cut above most TV series. 'Go Fish' brings all these elements together for 40 minutes of entertainment. This is classic 'Buffy' really, the kids at the school use magic, it all goes wrong and Buffy has to clear up the mess, it's the acting and writing talents of the cast and crew that make it more than just a 'monster of the week' episode. Williow's interrogation of Jonathan is a highlight, and there are lots of sexual references in the show. There was some heavy cutting by the BBC when this was shown in their 6:45pm slot.
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