Guest Starring: 
 Kristine Sutherland: 
 (Joyce Summers) 
 James Masters: 
 Juliet Landau: 
 Max Perlich: 
 Seth Green: 
 Bianca Lawson: 
 Armin Shimerman: 
 (Principal Snyder) 
 Julie Benz: 
 Jack McGee: 
 (Doug Perren) 
 Richard Reihle: 
  21. Becoming, Part 1.  
  Spike, Angel and Drusilla decide to steal a statue of the demon Acathla and set into motion a sequence of events that could end the world.  
  Great quotes:  
Angel tries to wake Acathla.
  • Willow: "I've been researching the black arts; for fun."
  • Spike on Acathla: "It's a big rock; can't wait to tell my friends, they don't have a rock this big."
  • Angel: "We're about to make history... end."
  • Whistler: "Bottom line is; even if you see them coming you're not ready for the big moments. No body asks for their life to change... it's what we do after that counts; you'll see what I mean." What a great way to end the episode.
  Fantastic moments:  
  • Giles is using the orb of Thessela as a paperweight just like the shopkeeper said new-age wannabe magicians do in 'Passion'.
  • All the subtexts about destiny and fate and making tough choices are brilliantly set up and executed. Whistler gives Angel and Buffy the same choices, make the big decision or get out of the game.
  Duff Bits:  
  • I know it's obvious but; Angel's Irish accent is horrendous.
  • Isn't it a bit weird for Angel to fall in love with Buffy at the age she is? How old is she then, 15, 16 maybe. She was 16 during the first series though.
  Dean's comments:  
Ooh he's evil.
Finally we the viewers get a view inside Angel's mind, looking at his history, his becoming a vampire and cursing before coming into the present day and his discovery that there is a better way to live than killing rats for their blood. This is the episode that finally rounds out Angel's character, playing it off beautifully against his toying with Buffy and the Scooby gang. The juxtaposition of Angel stalking Buffy against Angel being stalked by Darla is fabulous, David Boreanaz has never looked so evil before. Of course the whole thing is about being young and having to accept changes and responsibilities despite immaturity.
Buffy finds Kendra.
This is what Whistler is going on about when he talks about 'big moments'. The final 5-minute sequence is breathtaking each time you watch it, Buffy's slow motion entrance into the library as Whistler discusses fate in the voice over is a work of genius. The cliffhanging ending leaves us at a proper nadir, both Xander and Willow are down, Buffy is cornered by the coppers and Giles is gone. Can't wait for part 2...
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