Guest Starring: 
 Eliza Dushku: 
 Fab Filippo: 
 (Scott Hope) 
 John Patrick White: 
 Danielle Weeks: 
 Phil Lewis: 
 (Mr Platt) 
  4. Beauty and the Beasts.  
  Angel is back, he's got a soul, but he's mad.  
  Great quotes:  
  • Faith's interpretation of 'fooling around': "They were screwing?", is met with stunned looks.
  • Mr Platt: "Lots of people loose themselves in love... they write songs about it. The hitch is you can't stay lost... love becomes your master."
  Fantastic moments:  
  • When Giles gets hit on the head he remarks that it's "bloody priceless..." as he goes to the ground. Maybe I should do a 'Giles gets knocked out' count.
  • The shock on Buffy's face as she discovers Angel and struggles to work out what to do with him is great. One question though, where does she get those chains from so quickly?
  Duff Bits:  
  • There isn't enough of Cordelia or Xander in this episode, even Cordelia points this out at the end: "Pete was a monster? Where have I been?" The regulars being left out upsets the balance of the show.
  • There's window in Oz's cage? That's not a very good cage now is it?
  Dean's comments:  
The Pete-monster.
This is a rather under-par episode that seems to be all about the demonisation of men. I don't quite understand what the writers are trying to say here, are all men secretly possessed by demon-like desires and feelings? Faith sums the episode up when she declares: "...all men are beasts."; Buffy replies that she hopes to "..not get that cynical until at least 40." The script seems to suggest that the way to deal with this is through violence. On 'Buffy' in the past, violence has always been reserved for 'evil' and soul-less creatures, now it seems it can be applied to your boyfriend. Odd. At least there is some redemption for men in
Angel's back, and a little dirty.
Giles and in the fact that Angel rescues Buffy at the end. The episode is very anti-macho, look at the way that Xander is scared by the body and then Cordelia coming up behind him in the morgue, Xander is also wearing a grey shirt at the start of the episode that screams "gay night club". This is an average episode, thankfully the third series pulls its socks up from here on, and almost everything else is a joy to watch.
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