Guest Starring: 
 Eliza Dushku: 
 Fab Filippo: 
 (Scott Hope) 
 K Todd Freeman: 
 (Mr Trick) 
 Harry Groener: 
 (Mayor Richard Wilkins) 
 Jeremy Ratchford: 
 (Lyle Gorch) 
 Lee Everett: 
 (Candy Gorch) 
 Danny Strong: 
 Jack Plotnick: 
 (Deputy Mayor) 
 Chad Stahelski: 
  5. Homecoming.  
  Buffy and Cordelia battle to become 'Homecoming Queen' yet must work together to survive Mr Trick's 'Slayerfest '98'. Willow and Xander share an intimate moment, much to their immediate mutual disapproval.  
  Great quotes:  
The Mayor: best baddie ever.
  • Buffy: "Drastic distraction reduction? Try saying that 10 times fast."
  • The Mayor on hand washing: "...under your fingernails. Dirt gets trapped there. And germs. And mayonnaise." and then he confirms his evil by offering Mr Trick a "Moist towelette?"
  • Mr Trick takes note of the make-up department's latest triumph: "You got spiny-looking head things. I ain't never seen that before."
  • Willow's interpretation of her and Xander kissing is beautifully in character and miles over-the-top: "We spun the whole group dynamic out of orbit and we're just a huge meteor shower heading for Earth..."
  • Willow: "I'm not a friend, I'm a rapid dog that should be shot! But there are dark forces at work here, dark incomprehensible forces!" She's talking about Cordelia by the way.
  Fantastic moments:  
Many fans had been waiting for this moment for years.
  • Cordelia trying to impress geeks with her Vulcan death grip is very good.
  • The scene in Willow's bedroom where her and Xander discuss their history together, growing up, the Prom and build up to a kiss which, let's face it, we've been waiting for since episode 1. The scene contains so many little gems of dialogue and acting that I can't list them all here, although my favourite bit is when Xander suggests that they should get out of their clothes provoking yet more embarrassment.
  • That final scene where Cordelia and Buffy agree that after all they've been through the contest is "...pretty dammed important..." whips away the carpet from under the feet of the viewer and leaves you with a contented feeling that the writers are pretty good at this really.
  Duff Bits:  
  • The whole thing with Cordelia staking a vamp with the spatula doesn't make much sense. Firstly it doesn't look like it's made of wood; secondly the thing is clearly in her stomach rather than her chest.
  • The montage of clips showing the girls campaigning / training goes on for far too long.
  Dean's comments:  
Here begins the string of fantastic episodes that cement my opinion that season 3 is 'Buffy's' best, Charisma Carpenter and Alyson Hannigan are both on top form in this episode, which I can only really describe as brilliant in its simplicity. This episode is brilliant firstly because it brings together Buffy and Cordelia, always a hit. Cordelia's rantings always bring out the best (courage and leniency) and the worst ('Valley-girl') parts of Buffy's character, while Cordelia finally gets to do some cool stuff and be the heroine too. Basically this is the well-worn BtVS formula doing 'Heartbreak High' or 'Dawson's Creek', the reason it's so good is that the BtVS formula is pulling out all the stops to deliver a piece of simple yet classic television with massive helping of character development and witty writing that other series would kill for. There are so many other great touches to go with it, Willow and Xander getting too close for comfort in her room with Willow's fantastically absent minded rant about things 'spiralling out of control', the wonderfully worked ending where Buffy and Cordelia have worked out their issues and so wouldn't it be really lame if they draw the contest for Homecoming queen... but no, two other girls draw it, brilliant. This would be a good candidate for best episode of the year in any other TV series, but here, its just another week. Don't forget that it's the first time we see the Mayor too, his eccentric picky and subtly insane demeanour sets him up already as the series' best villain.
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