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 Amber Benson: 
 George Hertzberg: 
 Emma Caulfield: 
 Lindsay Crouse: 
 (Maggie Walsh) 
 Bailey Chase: 
 Leonard Roberts: 
  13. The 'I' in Team.  
  Buffy goes down into the Initiative for the first time, joining Riley and his fellow commandos on a mission. Professor Walsh has serious misgivings about her intentions though and plots to kill her.  
  Great quotes:  
The Scoobies at the Bronze.
  • Anya: "Yes we've enjoyed spanking."
  • Xander on Buffy: "She's out living the life of Riley, I don't think she's coming."
  • Buffy: "My total bad!"
  • Buffy to Maggie Walsh: "You obviously don't know what a Slayer is, trust me when I say you're gonna find out."
  Fantastic moments:  
Buffy causes trouble by asking too many questions.
  • There's some great banter between Spike and Giles when the Watcher tries to get Spike to join the Scooby gang, Spike says that his crypt "... needs a woman's touch, care to have a crack at it?". Spike then tells Giles to "... piss off then!" and that he shouldn't come back "... the second Teen Witch's magic goes all wonky..."
  • There are lots of references to sex throughout the episode. Buffy, Willow and Anya all discuss spanking in relation to their love lives, then when Riley shows Buffy the Initiative compound she comments "You told me it was big but you didn't say it was huge!" There's also the sequence while juxtaposes Buffy and Riley together slaying a demon and having sex, i.e. sex and slaying are the same thing in Buffy and Riley's relationship! Well that was the same as in her relationship with Angel and will be in her future fling with Spike, that girl seems to have some emotional problems when it comes to the men in her life.
  Duff Bits:  
  • It's a great shame they killed Maggie Walsh off so quickly in the series. Louise Crouse wanted out of the series so we can't pin this on the writers.
  Dean's comments:  
Maggie Walsh tries to kill Buffy, big mistake.
The opening scene with Buffy mincing the Initiative squad is brilliant, as is the final battle against the two Initiative-released demons, allusions to tradition winning over technology (a big theme for the series). So it turns out that Maggie Walsh is a modern Dr Frankenstein. Are we surprised? Not really, it is a bit disappointing that the 'big bad' of season 4 is going to be a post-modern Prometheus. The ending is very tense; no one is allowed to do that to Buffy. This is a turning point of the season, if not for all the characters then certainly for Buffy and Riley. The distinction between right and wrong or black and white is being torn away, something that Riley has never had to deal with before in his sheltered upbringing. So the stuff that we had initially assumed about the Initiative's motives (but had put to one side because Riley is such a nice guy) is dragged back to the surface and proven to be true. Essentially the forth season of BtVS went down an X-files style 'government conspiracy to control extra-terrestrial forces' road.
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