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 Amber Benson: 
 George Hertzberg: 
 Emma Caulfield: 
 Leonard Roberts: 
 Bailey Chase: 
 Saverio Guerra: 
 (Willie the Snitch) 
  14. Goodbye Iowa.  
  While infiltrating the Initiative base the Scooby gang encounter Adam, a hybrid demon created by the government as a new weapon.  
  Great quotes:  
  • Buffy: "I feel a dumb blonde attack coming on."
  • Xander: "Why am I suddenly not comforted by the arrival of a man-sized microwave?"
  • Spike at the demon bar: "Make it the good stuff; I don't want no freakin' orang-utan."
  • Buffy on Adam: "The part where he's evil and kills randomly is an oversight."
  • Xander sees the Initiative base for the first time: "I get it now; can I have sex with Riley too?"
  • Buffy: "I'm the only one who can pass the retinal scan." Xander: "Ew, I don't wanna see that." Buffy: "Retinal scan Xander."
  Fantastic moments:  
Willow and Tara getting together.
  • The interaction between the Scoobies as they kip in Xander's basement is funny.
  • Giles describes his bed as a "... beach ball." and complains about Anya's "... Wagnerian snoring.". Buffy then gives her inspirational speech but thankfully realises how silly she looks in her "... yummy sushi pyjamas."
  • There's a great bit when Xander tries to make out with Buffy as a pretext for avoiding guards at the Initiative base, "Could you possibly draw more attention to us?" scolds Buffy.
  Duff Bits:  
  • Now I'm not an expert in the inner workings of the American secret service, but Riley seems to take a lot of liberties with his position in the Initiative. First he invites Buffy into the base and then takes sides with her against Professor Walsh (his commanding officer). What happened to chain of command or taking orders? Riley's behaviour in this episode alone is enough for a court marshal.
  • So Riley didn't take his pills for 1 day and suddenly his nervous system is breaking down. Doesn't this seem a little unrealistic? But then again the military love to mess their own men up.
  • Buffy's disguise at the Initiative base consists of a coat and some glasses. Now that's rubbish.
  • How long are they going to keep on dragging Xander's 'army guy' thing up? Anya comments "It's not like he was in the 'Nam!", damn right girl!
  • Why does the Initiative let Buffy and Xander go free? Any secret government, X-files style military outfit worth its salt would arrest them and do a 'brain suck'. This is a U.S. military secret ops unit after all.
  Dean's comments:  
Xander and Buffy break into the Initiative.
This second of a pair of episodes that advance the plot but do a lot of treading water in terms of characterisation is only really interesting for Adam's first appearance. Adam is by far the poorest of the big bad evils of BtVS's seven seasons, having very little coherent motive, no comic asides and no real connection to the Slayer and the Scoobies that would give greater depth to the plot. As a result of this lack of depth to Adam's presence, it feels like the writers have forced the conflict between Riley and Buffy into the plot as an attempt to compensate. Let's face it, 5 episodes ago they didn't even know their secret identities (thinking about it, how long ago did 'Hush' occur? It can't be more than a few weeks.). Riley coming to terms with the fallibility of the organisation that he's been a part of for so long should have been written in such a way as to engage the audience more. As it is I feel that something is missing, maybe it's the fact that viewers don't care hugely for Riley's well being and are still pining for Angel.
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