Guest Starring: 
 Amber Benson: 
 Clare Kramer: 
 Charlie Weber: 
 Troy T Blendell: 
 Anne Betancourt: 
 (Principal Stevens) 
 Leland Crooke: 
 (Professor Lillian) 
 Todd Duffy: 
  19. Tough Love.  
  Life begins to return to normal for the Scooby gang. But Glory then 'brain-drains' Tara, causing Willow to go on a suicidal revenge mission against her.  
  Great quotes:  
  • Willow: "I called Xander obtuse ... then Dawn said we're acute triangle and hilarity ensued."
  • Giles: "Everyone wants petrified hamsters and they're never happy with them."
  • Anya to Willow: "You can sleep with me. Well now, that came out a lot more lesbian than it sounded in my head."
  Fantastic moments:  
    Willow's 'bag of knives'.
  • Willow finds a book called 'darkest magic' that has to be opened with an axe (wow!) and then goes on an arse-kicking rampage to try to take Glory out in revenge for her 'brain-draining' Tara. She has a wicked 'bag of knives' spell and looks great with all the dark magic energy SFX swirling around her, she gets to be the superhero for the first time.
  • The minion that the Scoobies catch cracks instantly after they threaten to simply tie him up.
  Duff Bits:  
  • Anya says that she is an American. This isn't true though as she originates from Europe.
  • Exactly how hard have Glory's minions been looking for the key? Why haven't they kidnapped all of Buffy's friends and family (now that they know it is Human), there are lots of things they could have been doing. Instead they seem to spend their lives fawning over Glory.
  Dean's comments:  
Glory attacks Tara.
Here we go then. The end of this episode gets us started on a roller coaster ride of a journey to the end of the season; the episode itself is a little dull though, returning to the melodrama of the season's subplots and pointing towards the themes that will become more prevalent in the sixth season. Buffy has to quit her university in order to become more of a mother for Dawn while Willow nearly gets herself killed after thinking she's more powerful than reality in her magics. It's all rather soapy, what with Anya arguing, for a good 2 minutes, about the pros and cons of capitalism and Buffy trying to divert her responsibilities on to Giles. Is anyone else a little bemused by the pacing of not only this episode, but also the entire season? Glory finally works out that Dawn is the key because of Tara making a comment about how she is "... such pure green energy." It is more than a little convenient, from the point of view of the script writer, that Tara does this at exactly the right time with Glory is there to hear it, otherwise Glory is no-where near finding out the truth about Dawn. Willow's attack on Glory is full of spectacular special effects and action, especially her 'bag of knives' trick. Anyway, despite some of the tedium of this episode it's all action and all go from here to the end of the season; hold on to your hats guys.
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