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  18. Intervention.  
  Warren has built Spike's 'Buffy-bot', he revels in his new sex toy. Meanwhile Glory captures Spike in the hope that he'll tell her about the key.  
  Great quotes:  
    Spike plays with his 'sex-bot'.
  • Buffy: "Dawn, if there are any plates in your room let's have them before they get furry and we have to name them." Dawn: "Hey, I was, like, 5 then."
  • Spike: "I'm as impure as the driven yellow snow."
  • Anya: "We were thrown by the you having sex with Spike." Buffy: "The who whatting how with huh?"
  • Buffy-bot: "Angel's lame, his hair goes straight up and he's bloody stupid." And then "Darn your sinister attraction... devour me Spike!"
  • Buffy-bot to Willow: "You're my best friend, you're recently gay."
  • Glory: "... fantabulous!"
  • Spike to Glory: "The slayer is going to kick your skanky, lop-sided arse back to whatever place would take a cheap whorish fashion victim ex-god like you!"
  Fantastic moments:  
  • Spike has various sex games with the Buffy-bot, he seems to have a fantasy revolving around her cornering him but not being able to stake him because "... I [Buffy] wanna hurt you, but I can't resist the sinister attraction of your cold and muscular body!"
  • Xander is about to reveal the fact he saw Buffy and Spike having sex "Buffy's gone insane!" Tara stops him and reminds him that Buffy has had a hard time emotionally and that one might expect her to do crazy things. Anya then tells her "Buffy's boinking Spike." Willow is a little stunned and says "Well Tara's right, grief can be powerful, we shouldn't judge..." Tara interrupts "What, are you kidding? She's nuts!"
  • The Scoobies' intervention scene where they confront Buffy with her liaison with Spike is pure genius. Willow says that it shouldn't be about blame, more about love "... and some fear". Xander explains why Buffy might want him, telling her that Spike is "... strong and mysterious and sort of compact but well-muscled", "I am not having sex with Spike!" says Buffy, "but I'm starting to think you might be."
  • There's
    Willow is 'recently gay'.
    a lovely ending in which Buffy thanks Spike for not revealing Dawn as the key despite Glory torturing him. She pretends to be the Buffy-bot before kissing him.
  • The Buffy-bot pronounces Giles' name wrong, more like 'guiles'.
  • Screenshots inside the Buffy-bot's mind are great, it describes Willow as "... best friend, gay (1999 - present)."
  Duff Bits:  
  • How did Glory come to the conclusion that Spike knows who the key is?
  Dean's comments:  
The first slayer tells Buffy that 'Death is your gift'.
If the original concept of the robotic girlfriend was funny in 'I was made to love you', then this just about tops it. Seeing Gellar act the role is a joy, not just that she's a fine actress but that for once in season 5 we get to see her playing a part which allows her to smile and laugh rather than feeling the weight of slayerness on her shoulders. James Masters has his character down to a tee now, playing just the right level of dirty pleasure in what he's doing with the Buffy-bot to go along side of his loyalty to Buffy and Dawn. Spike is fast becoming the best character on the show. Buffy goes off on a spiritual journey in the episode, bringing the original slayer back to try to find guidance in her life. The guide tells her that 'Death is your gift', the same message that Dracula brought her back in the season's first episode. She also says that she will find strength in her love and that 'love will bring you to your gift'. Thus Buffy's absence, and her friends giving her emotional leeway, opens the door for all sorts of comedy capers when the Buffy-bot meets and interacts with the Scoobies.
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